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employees behind the boat -- behind the wheel of buses and cars were found making illegal turns. texas city has responded. -- >> this city has responded. >> a spokesman says the issue is commonplace. cars racing through this intersection to make a left turn long after the arrow has turned red. as we saw for ourselves this can lead to some very close calls for pedestrians in the crosswalk. >> we see this every day. >> watch as this at brazen bus driver falling behind a police car illegally take a left turn on red. >> is a race to get through the light, not race to stop at the like. >> you have to follow the laws. >> pedestrians obeying the walks signal tried to pass. >> that is that there and let the bus passed right through progress over and over again because bands and even, cruisers running the red light aero at that time is right in front of officers. >> it runs right through the red light and they don't do anything. >> this intersection continues to be a trouble spot for pedestrians like himself. >> i have been nearly hit a couple of times with cars just tearing right around. they are n
out in texas. then he will fly here to washington tomorrow. he has not signed a contract with the redskins. according to the new collective bargaining agreement he has until sunday to get it done or he cannot participate when rickey's began their training camp. he believes it will get done. those close to the situation expected to sign it this weekend. how great was it to see three nationals on the team last night? this is what everybody is talking about. price harper lost the ball. how cool was he? he was standing under the ball like, come on, where is it. i cannot find it. what if it hits him in the head? he is still cool even in a mistake. the wizards continue their minicamp. if you are looking for a 7 foot 300 pound space heater, who is not afraid to rebound and banged bodies in the nba, we have a player you will want to root for. >> i am the one guy in my family who did not play football. i grew a little higher than everybody else. >> listed at 611 305 pounds, he is one big man facing 1 longshot to make this team. >> coming from a d.c. school, i was always in a scrap
the swimming pool. >> thank you. a texas man in need of a new vehicle created one of his own. >> he said his car broke down and he couldn't afford a new one, so he created one using a bicycle and creativity. >> i've got an electric motor on this side car. i hit and start paddling. >> he says there runs on electric, gas and peddling. it gets about 160 miles to the gallon. >> that's inventive. that does it for us. coming up, -- >> growing frustration as thousands of residents are going into a fifth night without power. hear them next. >> sick -- stepped up security on the national mall. why you may see more police than usual on a fourth of july holiday. >> loudon county makes a decision on the metro. >> live and in h.d. -- you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> our big story at 6 -- persistent power problem. >> some people have been out -- and without power for four days. more than 300,000 still do not have power and the power companies are keeping illegal for full
from texas is now in stable condition. he remains in an coma after being mauled by chimps. he entered an enclosure in south africa. the chimpanzee's apparently feeling threatened, dropped him off and began mauling him. the first responders to arrive was chased back to his car. >> started slamming him on edit. >> that first responder had to fire a shot. >> a group of nuns boarded a bus to protest the republicans' proposed budget. >> these six nuns have received a rock star reception as they travel around the country. but they have faced some criticism. they're concerned about proposed republican budget cuts and want to draw attention to their message. >> down by the riverside ♪ >> a crowd of enthusiastic supporters were waiting on capitol hill. >> they said 2,000 miles, but not that i was counting. 2,700 miles. " the leaders said they got a warm welcomes across america. >> she opened her wallet and took out all for cash and handed it to me. >> even in the heat, these women were not slowing down. >> i am 81 years old and i'm still going. their message? the republican budget will hurt
. >> patience is wearing thin in west virginia, where many are still relying on ice and water delivery. in texas, they are chilling out in cooling centers. zoos across the country are taking extra precautions in these hot conditions. >> we went to see the alliance earlier. they had gone back into the inside. >> id appears everyone is trying to find a way to beat the heat. >> many people are working in these conditions. the heat wave is expected to continue through the week. >> they are among america's newest citizens, and naturalization took place in mount vernon, va. this morning. 98 people were sworn and as citizens. 4000 immigrants are being naturalized across the country today. >> congratulations. in case to celebrate the fourth a little bit too much tonight the washington regional alcohol program is sponsoring free taxi rides for people who are too drunk to drive. 1-800-200-taxi. it is available at 10:00 tonight and runs all the way through 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. let's check out the traffic situation on this holiday. >> things are moving pretty well around the area on this fourth of july as yo
time. >> bryce harper at the all-star game. the to see what happened at the rangers/twins game in texas? take a look. thunder exploit on top of the ballpark. -- exploded on top of the ballpark. the players were understandably frightened. they thought it was a bomb. they had a good laugh after they realized it was thunder. they delayed the game 45 minutes. was there anyone you did not feel badly for the scotsman andy mary? he was trying to be the first scotsman to win the wimbledon since the 1930's. the always graceful, very emotional, and the mary. the is the guy everyone is talking about today. >> everybody always talks about the pressure of playing at wimbledon. how tough it is. but it is not the people watching. they make it so much easier. this support has been incredible thank you. >> anti- mary, who has had an illustrious career, makes it to the wimbledon -- andy murray who has had an illustrious career makes it to the wimbledon. but that speech was probably one of the most emotional speeches in sports. >> you are tearing out now. -- during up now. >> coming up, ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
and the west. is 92 degrees and indianapolis. there is the moisture coming through southeast texas. it is starting to push up to the northeast. there is a boundary in the atmosphere. separating the hot and humid weather from the nice weather here. that will be on the move starting tomorrow. clause will increase during the morning and humidity levels will go up. a light shower in the morning. tomorrow evening we will get a better chance of showers. especially as we head to the day saturday and onto sunday. here is the stationary front. there is moisture over running it. it is heading in our direction so there will be a change in the weather pattern after a couple of nice days around here. 77 in the city. clouds are increasing. here is how it shapes up for the next seven. 90 degrees on saturday with a 40% chance of thunderstorms. sunday and monday, low to mid 90's and a 40% chance of showers and storms. temperatures they want their next week. there could be a more noticeable cold front by next week. >> i remember those days when it was 185 degrees. it was brutal. >> let's take a look
is moving to texas to be close to family. here now is a look back on her award winning career. >> the situation will be changing. >> viewers first met gail pennybacker in 1986. since then, she has become one of the first -- most respected journalists in the washington area. >> she reports a sex scandal of marv albert. >> i had a contact at the police department. they were holding on to the story. until the indicted him. >> one of the most frightening stories she uncovered the belt way it sniper attacks in 2002 when john allen muhammad and lee boyd malvo four weeks went around randomly killing others. -- for weeks went around, randomly killing others. >> there were many times when we ran out on a sniper scene. we had a sense that they were watching us. but she also turned war correspondent, venturing to the middle east, and, of course september 11. >> pentagon police. people in the military. to be able to tell their stories. quantico virginia. richmond virginia. rested. in manassas. i am gail pennybacker, abc 7 news. >> so many stories and hairstyles. for all of that and throug
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8